The Psychology of Sports Fandom

giants will win sometime

I am a fan of the New York Football Giants. They are a horrible franchise and have been for 10 years. (Yes, they were 11-5 in 2016, but that was a fucking fluke.) No matter the level of shady drafting, poor coaching, shitty playcalling, bad execution and general incompetence, I still watch this group of bumbling idiots and overpaid, often-talentless losers. WHY??? Why do I do this to myself???

You know you want to..


merry fucking christmas

Wishing you a big haul from Santa, lots of booze in your cabinet, wins for your sports teams, and a pox on your enemies. You all earned it. Enjoy.

First Look – 1883

elsa dutton burning covered wagon

I’ve been a big Yellowstone fan since it hit the airwaves back in 2018, and while it’s kind of veering off the path now, it’s still one of the better shows on what passes for television these days. Now, it has an origin story: 1883.

You know you want to..

Nothing Says Christmas..

santa flipping the bird some bitch buying 10 Amazon gift cards in the express lane and wanting a separate receipt for each one while 10 people wait behind her. Including me. It’s called GUEST SERVICES for a reason, ya stupid cunt.

You know you want to..