First Look – Ozark Season 4

marty and wendy byrde ozark

After an eternity two long years, Ozark has returned to Neflix for its final season. Of course, it’s in two fucking parts, just to drive us more crazy. The first seven episodes arrived last Friday, with the back seven coming “later in 2022.” How’s that for vague? Sheesh.

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aaron rodgers is a fraud
Cut your hair, ya fuckin’ bum.

The Packers had the #1 seed, the bye week and the home field advantage. And they lost. Again. Aaron Fraudgers, folks.

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Sorry Anti-vaxxer!

dumbass anti-vaxxer

Welp, it was bound to happen sometime. A website was created to point out the utter stupidity and social irresponsibility of anti-vax fuckers and the misinformation they spread. The webmaster claims it’s for educational purposes, but it’s really public shaming, as it should be.

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