“Absolute Bum”

aaron asshole rodgers

It’s Thursday, and Aaron Rodgers, the infamous unvaccinated QB, is still an asshole. Miffed that Chicago sportscaster Hub Arkush wouldn’t give him an MVP vote, Rodgers fired back by calling Arkush an “absolute bum.” Guess Asshole Aaron hasn’t glanced into any mirrors lately.

Arkush explained his stance..

I don’t think you can be the biggest jerk in the league and punish your team and your organization and your fan base the way he did and be the Most Valuable Player.

Agreed. And it’s not just the vaccine thing. Last spring, Rodgers said he would not play another down for the Packers because they wouldn’t agree to trade him. After realizing there was virtually no market for his washed-up talents (go figure), he returned to the team but lied about his vaccination status. When he was caught, he refused to take responsibility for his actions. So yeah. Not an MVP by any measure.

Rodgers calling Arkush an “absolute bum” is just another example of his complete lack of character. He’s essentially throwing a tantrum about being called on his bullshit. The Packers should have just cut him. Men play football. Toddlers cry on social media.

It was clear this season that something was seriously wrong with Rodgers, aside from his greasy, unkempt hair and having a new fiance who eats clay. I used to think he was merely lacking in personality; now it’s clear he has nothing going on between the ears, not even air. It’s just a void. A vacuum. He is literally fucking nothing. Zero.

Aaron Rogers is nothing more than an asshole who’s having a good year. He won a Superbowl off of 3 touchdowns and 1 interception 11 years ago and ALWAYS makes it to Division or Wild Card, but chokes at the finish line. He can take his “Most Vaccinated Player” and shove it. — A wise commenter named Daniel Hennessy

Apparently, Arkush has since apologized to Rodgers, and isn’t that fucking ridiculous? Saying you’re sorry for telling the goddamn truth. What a world we live in. Here’s to Rodgers “choking at the finish line” again this year. Because fuck him. Asshole.