Barkley’s Return

saquon barkley

The often-injured NY Giants’ running back is likely to return for Monday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs. (Oh stop. Did you really think for a second that the Giants have a chance? LOL.)

Yeah, that said, the Giants need to move on from Barkley. He might be a generational talent, but that doesn’t mean shit when he’s always injured. I feel bad for the guy; he’s a hard worker, he has a team-first attitude and always shows up to play. He’s also missed 21 games due to injury since being drafted in 2018. That kind of track record (generally) does not translate into a long-term deal, nor should it.

Last year, there was a lot of bitchery over Wayne Gallman, who played in place of Barkley. People didn’t like him because he didn’t have the explosiveness (or whatever) of Saquon. Eh, maybe not. But durability is more valuable than raw talent. Look no further than Devontae Booker this season. He’s racking up the yards and not getting fucking hurt. That’s what the Giants need right now. Saquon can take a seat. (And probably will after three plays or so.)

The Giants are 10.5 point underdogs going into Monday night. Something tells me Tom Brady is going to be plenty pissed about the fuck up with WFT and will take it out on Big Blue. I’m gonna say Bucs 36, Giants 10. And that’s probably conservative.