science not politics

Received my COVID-19 booster shot today. Feeling great! No sore arm, no shifting genetic code, and no pings from 5G towers. And it wasn’t even mandated for me. I simply decided not to be a selfish piece of shit and to protect those around me as well as myself. I also wore a mask. Guess what? The world kept on turning.

Really, people. This shit isn’t hard. If you’re medically able and eligible, get a fucking vaccine. They’re free. They’re fast. You can run down to the pharmacy and be back jerking off to porn in no time. You can also be a functional, considerate member of society instead of a MAGAt loon screaming about how your poor personal liberties (LOL) are being trampled by science and common sense. Seriously, fuck off with that shit. And shove your religious objections up your ass, too.

Get your goddamn shots.

It’s not all about you.

P.S. Before some smartass emails me..protecting public health is not tyranny. You’re welcome.