Buh Bye, Joe!

joe judge looking dumb

The NY Giants owner finally removed his head from his ass and did the right thing by firing Joe Judge. The tough-talking but utterly incompetent (and in the end, loony tune) Judge spent two years with Big Blue and led the team to a dismal 10-23 record. Oy.

While the list of Judge’s missteps is long, there were two specific acts of idiocy that nailed his coffin. The first one was a bizarre, 11-minute rant after the Bears game during which Judge referred to the WFT as a “clown show” and talked shit about former Giants’ coach Pat Shurmur, saying that players “quit on him,” among other silly, irrelevant statements. (Um no, motherfucker. They quit on YOU!) Not a good look from a man who not only couldn’t walk his talk but also never got tired of gaslighting us about it.

The second one will forever live in infamy. (2022, and still can’t embed, thanks NFL /s.) Joe Judge decided to run a quarterback sneak on 3rd and 9 from his own 4-yard line. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT??? He later claimed that he wanted “more room to punt.” Yeah, you’re the one who got punted, Joe. Too bad it wasn’t straight into the sun. Good fucking god, what an asshat. And a lying prick. And a fraud.

The Giants had no choice but to fire Judge. Keeping him would have left them hamstrung in the search for a new GM. The plan now is to hire the GM FROM THE OUTSIDE (← !!!) and let that person hire the new coach. YES. The fucking Giants have finally decided to become a modern franchise. I’m as shocked as you are. I’m also turning cartwheels. (Sorry, no video.)

For the first time in a decade, Giants fans have something to be happy about. While we’ve been fooled before, this time feels different. Exciting. Like we might start winning some fucking games and regain our dignity or something. I’m stoked. Let’s go!