What FFT (Freedom from Tyranny) means..

In General

Basically, not being a part of the social media machine/fake validation/look-at-me culture. It’s boring, it’s tedious, and it’s fake as fuck. It’s also mean, bitter and abusive. Society has gone down the shitter since the inception of social media. The human race is devolving in real time. The worst part about it is nobody cares. People just count their likes and watch it all burn.


For me, FFT is about being honest, speaking my mind and not concerning myself with how my message is received. It’s not about being deliberately offensive; it’s removing the management of other people’s feelings and realities. That’s their job, not mine.

It’s freedom to post my thoughts without dreading the scourge of public opinion.

It’s freedom to watch sports without being bombarded with weak takes and having my fandom constantly in question.

It’s freedom to have a reduced anxiety level and to sleep better at night.

It’s freedom to have less noise and hear myself think for the first time in years.

It’s freedom to no longer waste time and energy on platforms and people that just take, take, take.

It’s freedom to be done with the bullshit and live an authentic life.

It’s freedom to just be.

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