Freedom from Tyranny

middle finger to twitter bird

So yeah, I finally quit Twitter. It was my only social media account. While I had learned to largely ignore its bullshit, there was a conversation last week that made me sit down and really think about things.

I had a disagreement with someone and decided to unfollow them. (This was not the first dickheaded take he’d had, but it was the last I was going to read.) One of his followers then promptly lectured me about the unfollowing by saying I would never grow as a person, would end up in an echo chamber and wasn’t being respectful. I didn’t know what to say, as I had never been scolded for unfollowing before. Two more followers told me that I should go fuck myself and that no one gives a fuck what I think. But I’m the disrespectful one. Right. No irony there.

I was not upset or particularly offended. I let a few days pass and came to the conclusion if that’s what Twitter (and social media as a whole) really comes down to these days, I don’t need or want to be a part of it. Time to move on.

That’s why I’ve returned to blogging, and I’ve freed myself from the tyranny of social media. Not going to miss it.