Giants 13, Eagles 7

giants interception against eagles

The fucking NY Giants finally won another game. Granted, it was mostly D with an anemic offensive effort as an afterthought, but a win is a motherfucking win. You whiners can all shut up.

It was a Thanksgiving miracle that Jason Garrett was finally let go, but I didn’t expect any big changes on offense, and there weren’t any. There were a few adjustments that allowed Daniel Jones to throw the ball more, and while it wasn’t amazing, it was an improvement. The D stepped up for three INTs and three hits on QB Jalen Hurts (who finished with a rating of 17.5..LOL.) RB Saquon Barkley managed a 32-yard scamper at one point, but finished the day with only 40 yards on 13 carries. The game as a whole wasn’t a pretty performance, but at least it ended in a win.

Unlike the Cowboys..

Saw today that GM Dave Gettlefuck Gettleman will be gone at the end of the season. The Giants can’t move fast enough on that shit. He’s a big part of why the team sucks. The other big part is the spineless, ball-less ownership, but we’re likely stuck with them for all of fucking eternity.

Next game is at Miami on 12/5. The Dolphins are 2.5 point favorites. We’ll see.

Other shit worth mentioning..

Dallas lost (a win for America)

Ohio State lost (a win for all mankind)

Alabama took 4 OTs to beat an unranked team (and fell to 7th in the poll, PURE JOY)

We had chicken instead of turkey (it was delicious)

Andes candies make for really bad farts (and lots of alone time)

Being away from social media on Thanksgiving for the first time in 11 years was pure fucking bliss (and you should try it)

Peace out.