I Hate Dogs

mean snarly dog

Okay. That’s an overstatement. I don’t hate the fuckers them; I’m just not a dog person.

What many people don’t understand is that not liking dogs and not wanting to be around them is a preference, just like not having children, not drinking alcohol or not attending sports events. Not everyone likes dogs. I personally hate the jumping. I’ve never met a dog that hasn’t jumped on me, covering me with mud, shit or partially eaten food. I don’t like the licking, chewing, farting and barkingnth°. They need constant attention or they whine. And no matter how much they’re bathed and groomed, they are always dirty and smelly. Nothing makes the odor go away. Plus fleas. And ticks.

I’ve always preferred cats because they don’t need attention all the time. They’re happy to sun themselves, play with their toys and sleep 18 hours a day. They pee and shit in a box, indoors. They smell nicer. Best of all, they don’t fucking barknth°. Barking sucks. In 99% of cases, it is a completely useless behavior that annoys other people to no end. Small dogs, who are all psychos, are infamous for this.

I think dogs are smelly, unclean, annoying and, ultimately, too much work. I shouldn’t have to apologize for this. Tatiana Gallardo

Nope. You shouldn’t.

I don’t care how cute, smart (LOL) or “well-trained” anyone thinks their dog is. It’s still a fucking dog. It might live for two years or 20, but it will always be the equivalent of a toddler. Anyone willing to go through the Terrible Twos for that length of time is self-loathing, not very smart and probably an asshole. Because dog owners live for inflicting their insufferable animals on other people and stirring up outrage on social media when those other people tell them to fuck off.

But really, I don’t get why anyone in their right mind (not many of those folks left, but I digress..) would WANT to come home after a long day at work, walk a damn dog, clean up its shit, deal with its attention seeking/begging/barking/whining and smell its horrible odor until bedtime. And after. And do it all again the next day. Seriously, WTF? That is not living. That is slavery. At least a cat has the dignity to ignore its caretakers sometimes and give them personal space.

Oh. Wait. “It’s not the dog. It’s the owner.”

Yeah. No.

Dogs are often a reflection of their owners, that’s true enough. But dogs are also still dogs. They’re panting, drooly, stinky, demanding children with fur. And they will always be that way regardless of how much they’re “trained” (LOL). They just don’t know any better.

Maybe, someday, there will be a dog-free community that forbids these useless creatures to invade human spaces and disrupt peaceful enjoyment. Living around other people is hell enough. Why should we have to put up with dogs? I can dream.

ADDENDUM: Talked to a dog-loving friend about this post last night, and he said that dogs are definitely more out of control now and seem to have more mental issues than in the past. He theorized that dogs are not getting the social connection with their humans because of technology and longer work hours. Dogs are social creatures and people are not that social anymore, even with their pets. This has been detrimental to the quality of life for dogs, along with making them live in places like condos, apartments, and houses without adequate yards. They’re lonely, bored and cooped up.

Interesting talk. It’s given me food for thought.