Kyle Rittenhouse

kyle fucktard rittenhouse crying

Nothing kills faith in humanity faster than a bad verdict, and that’s exactly what America got just in time for Thanksgiving. Kyle Rittenhouse, domestic terrorist and murderer, was acquitted on all charges in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last Friday.

Some testimonial lowlights from this genetic throwback..

Rittenhouse testified he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot [Joseph] Rosenbaum after the man threw a plastic bag at him and chased him. […] “I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself.” Under cross-examination, Rittenhouse said he knew Rosenbaum was unarmed. He said he pointed his rifle at Rosenbaum in an attempt to deter him and acknowledged it was dangerous.

A fucking plastic bag! He killed an unarmed man over a goddamn plastic bag. In a place where he shouldn’t have been, using a weapon he had no right to handle. What the actual fuck? The precedent this sets is beyond dangerous, and it will lead to more “I-was-in-fear-for-my-life” defenses from assholes who simply enjoy killing people. I wonder where this example was set? Oh right. COPS. Especially white cops.

Rittenhouse broke down in tears at one point, leading to a short break.

Fuck his tears. Did he collect an Oscar afterward?

The man [identified only as “jump-kick man”] jumped at Rittenhouse at one point, trying to kick him and the teen opened fire. “I thought if I were to be knocked out, he would have stomped my face in if I didn’t fire,” he said.

It’s a shame jump-kick man didn’t succeed. That would have been a big win for the gene pool.

Count 4 states Rittenhouse caused the death of [Anthony] Huber, with intent to kill him. It’s the most serious charge he faces, with a mandatory life sentence. Huber swung his skateboard at Rittenhouse after Rosenbaum was fatally shot.

Another missed opportunity to do humanity a favor. May Mr. Huber rest in peace.

The only reason Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted was because he was tried in motherfucking Wisconsin. His white skin guaranteed that he would walk. There was never going to be another outcome. Because the default setting for places like Wisconsin is “blame the blacks.” Even when black people are murdered in cold blood, no one cares. This is what America has become, and that is exactly what this trial portrayed. This country is hate, racism and injustice.

There’s no way to come back from this verdict. There will be no healing, no evolution and no peace. This is exactly who we are as a nation.

I am a white woman, I can see this plainly, and I am ashamed. The current state of America is not a reflection of my values. If I could, I would leave.