No Comments

no comments

It was inevitable (the second time today I’ve used that word, and it’s still early); someone emailed and asked me why this site doesn’t have a comments section. Because I don’t fucking care what you think. Because of..reasons. Many valid reasons. Oh, and this individual also said if there’s no comments, it’s not really a blog. That’s not how it works.

The main reason I don’t have comments is because it’s impossible to find a free third-party comment system that doesn’t invade digital privacy in a big way. I’m talking cookies, advertising, tracking, etc. That kind of stuff is bullshit, and it’s important to me to protect visitors from it. So there’s that.

Since I’m serving this site statically, I can’t use the native commenting system, and don’t want to anyway because it’s awful. It would just collect spam and open pathways to hackers. So no.

Comments are a fucking hassle. It used to be, back in the good old blogging days before social media showed up and ruined everything, people left comments because they wanted to start a conversation. Now they just want to start fires. Every damn discussion spirals down into politics, racism, hate and mockery. The internet is a vast wasteland of middle-school mentalities. I can’t be bothered with that. I already have a full-time job that drives me insane; no need to add a comments section on top of it.

As to whether this is a blog..well yes, actually it is. The content makes the blog; comments are not required. If someone wants to scold my ass or ask stupid questions let me know how much they love my posts and needs more information, they can email. The address is right down there in the footer. See? ↓

Back to regularly scheduled ranting blogging..