Quote of the Day 11/29

women gossiping

Women are catty and bitchy [and] I will say that I think many girls are stupid and self-limiting, and it’s embarrassing to me as a woman.

Fuck. YES. Finally. Somebody says it. Full post (oldie from 2011.) NOTE: The above quote is from a comment, not the post.

I’m female, and I have always identified as such. Never wanted to be male. Since I am more practical than girly, other females don’t tend to be too friendly with me. That’s okay; I prefer male company anyway. Simple, to the point, very low drama. You know, the way life should be.

But. It really is just a preference. It doesn’t mean I hate women. The self-limiting ones bug the hell out of me for sure, especially if they’re acting dumb to impress some man or to attract the favor of a Queen Bee. They can fuck off. I don’t hate them, though; I just feel sorry for them.

Life is so much better when you present your authentic self and not worry about impressing anyone else with your clothes, your man, your job, your life choices, your kids or your fucking soul. There’s no way in hell I could be friends with someone who was in a constant negative feedback cycle about any of that. Just. No. That goes for men, too, but this situation most often applies to women.

Another comment really drives this point home..

I could be friends with an upbeat kind of chick. A carefree NON-CLINGY, honestly drama-free female that can have a conversation without it leading to gossip, talking shit about someone they know or a celebrity or their God-forsaken self-esteem issues. Just be. Be cool. Relax, enjoy life.

Exactly! Why the fuck are these women so hard to find? I’d totally be friends with someone like that, too. But they’re nowhere in sight, and that’s so damn disappointing.