Sad State of the NFL

henry ruggs aaron rodgers

I’ve been a big NFL fan since my teen years, and I am fucking disgusted by what the game, the league and the fans have become. Games used to be exciting events where people came together to root for a team. Now it’s just intoxication, fighting and fantasy. The players are thugs. The fans are mental. WTF? Is it even a game anymore?

There’s A LOT I could rant about here, but I’m going to focus on two recent events: the Henry Ruggs DUI, and Aaron Rodgers fucking lying about being vaccinated.

Ruggs: This fucking tool got drunk, drove over 150 m.p.h. in a residential neighborhood, hit a woman’s SUV so hard that she was pinned in her seat while she burned to death, and he also had a loaded gun in the car. A certain NFL player, whom I now refer to as Kadarius Tonedeaf, tweeted that it was all a youthful mistake, and we should quit dragging Ruggs. (Not linking or embedding that shit post..go find it yourself.) Leave it to the NY Giants to draft someone with the IQ of a turnip; clearly, they learned nothing from the Odell Beckham Jr. debacle. Talent without intelligence is useless. I don’t care that he can catch a football. He’s still an asshole and now he’s a murderer. Fuck Ruggs, fuck Tonedeaf and fuck the Giants for not taking more action.

Rodgers: Another revelation this past week is that Aaron Rodgers is a liar on top of being a no-personality dickbucket. As if his bedraggled hair and porn ‘stache wasn’t enough of an affront to humanity, it turns out he lied about his vaccination status and has now tested positive for COVID-19. He’s isolating at home and treating the infection with horse dewormer while spewing deranged MAGA commentary and helping his braindead fiance make medicines from weeds and eat clay. And the league has decided to do absolutely nothing about this waste of space who put people in harm’s way numerous times with his selfish behavior. Yeah, bodily autonomy and all that, but with COVID, it’s about everyone else, too. What a piece of fucking shit.

The NFL used to have role models. Now it has whiners, thugs, domestic abusers, addicts and killers. Maybe that’s a reflection on the state of the country, maybe it’s a sign that the NFL needs to reassert positive values and personal responsibility. (Or both.) It can start by getting rid of lameduck commissioner Goodell. He’s made $128 million to FUBAR the league, and there’s been more malcontents and criminals under his watch than any time in its history. This is bullshit, and it needs to stop.

Make football a fucking game again. Make it enjoyable. Give us players we can look up to. I’m tired of seeing their names in the news for the wrong reasons. Ruggs is 22. He might go to prison for 50 years because he didn’t have enough brain power to call for a ride. The NFL doesn’t need people like him. Let those guys dig ditches, flip burgers and clean up horseshit. Pro sports is a privilege, not a right.

Annnnd, that’s my opinion. It’s nice to express it without waiting for the inevitable bitchslap on social media. Freedom from tyranny, people!