supreme court justices

It’s the 1st of December and look, abortion rights are now in danger, just in time for Christmas. Fuck you very much, SCOTUS, you cunts.

Yeah, I know the final decision isn’t due until next summer, but anyone who’s been paying attention can see where this is headed. Packing the Supreme Court with conservative justices was a final parting gift from our former game-show president. If Roe is overturned, then America is essentially over. If a personal medical decision that is only between a woman and her doctor cannot be protected by the Constitution, there is no fucking liberty for any of us.

Other Considerations

Have any of these conservative wanks given a single thought to the fallout of overturning Roe?

1. Back-alley abortions. This means desperate women will resort to desperate measures, obtaining abortions in filthy locations with unsterilized instruments from people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. Infection is the least of it. Death is certain in some cases.

2. Abandoned babies. Those who have no choice but to give birth may decide to dispose of the baby in a trash can, a restroom, the woods, wherever. It already happens now; it will become more commonplace if abortion becomes illegal.

3. Endless cycles of poverty. Unplanned children keep women poor and reduce opportunities for work and education. But that’s the whole idea isn’t it, GOP?

4. PTSD, anxiety and depression. Women who experience incest and rape often have lingering psychological effects that last the rest of their lives. Adding the burden of an unwanted pregnancy is a needless act of cruelty. No woman should have to carry a pregnancy she doesn’t want, especially if the act that caused it was beyond her control.

And this article is overly dramatic. I wrote it that way on purpose. Did it get your attention? I fucking hope so. Because this is serious shit. If you are a woman in her childbearing years, or know one who is, this affects you and them. Protest the absolute living shit out of this so we don’t return to the dark ages of knitting needles and drinking poison and throwing ourselves down the stairs. THIS FUCKING MATTERS!

Fuck the Supreme Court. Fuck it hard.