60 Days Twitter Free

twitter bird broken screen

Today marks 60 days since I last tweeted. In that time, I have not used the site in any way or wondered about the people on it. There’s no FOMO because I know I’m not missing anything. Twitter is, and will always be, a vast wasteland of shit.

With more and more people quitting social media, there should be a sobriety chip* for every month a person stays away and a forum where people can report on how much their lives have have improved without the constant need to check notifications and doomscroll.

[Twitter is] just meaningless musings from people who find solace in bashing everything but themselves. The Man Blueprint

In my case, aside from the improved sleep, lowered anxiety levels and returned attention span, I have also engineered my browser to not show social media results in the Google search. It’s incredibly refreshing to punch in a search phrase and not get bombarded by tweets. (The extension is called “uBlacklist”..Firefox | Chrome. If you use any other browser, I feel sorry for you.)

uBlacklist is also an excellent weapon against the internet scourge known as Pinterest. Die Pinterest die!

I still see embedded tweets on websites, but they look like blockquotes now, so “Twitter” isn’t the first thing I think about when reading an article. I accomplished this by killing the “embed” feature through a filter applied by uBlock Origin. The method sort of works for those big, honking Instagram embeds, too. Kinda.

Anyway, 60 days and counting. It’s going really fucking well. You should try it. Your mental health — and your phone battery — will thank you.

*My use of “sobriety chip” is not meant to mock those who have fought hard through addiction to reach a place of peace and healing. I respect that journey, and it was not my intention to offend.